Celine Gaurier-Joubert - My Mentor & Inspiration - Edson Elias

Villa d'Este

Como: Villa d'Este - Liszt's inspiration for: "Les jeux d'eaux à la Villa d'Este"

I still vividly remember my first lesson with the late great master pianist Edson Elias.

At the time I was performing Liszt's Les jeux d'eaux à la Villa d'Este

Edson listened to my performance, but frequently interrupted me and started me on a long journey to great piano interpretation!

I remember that Edson sang while I tried to play again... he then explained to me that certain passages must flow like water. At other passages he explained that the piano should actually sound like a harp... VERY apt for this beautiful composition!

He also explain a host of other concepts - it was like 100 lessons in one!!! It was at this moment that I realised, everything I knew about piano playing was simply the basics!

That was really the dividing line between playing the notes and playing the piano

throughout years of lesson with Edson, I developed a keen feel for interpretation, sound and the expressive qualities of playing music!

It always disturbs me to listen to modern pianists, and hear a lot of notes played very fast with out any regards for the music...

The great pianists of the past (Edson Elias, Dinu Lipatti, Walter Gieseking, Alfred Cortot) all knew how to make the piano is sing

It was this vocal quality, the ability to make the piano a singer that sets one apart!

That what exactly what I got when I learned the secrets of interpretation with Edson Elias!

He was a true master - a genius - and I will always remember his deep input into my piano playing and life!


You will always be remembered by all your students across the world for the great input that you gave!

Below you can listen to a few performances of the late great Edson Elias

Edson Elias Performing Mozart Sonate KV 333

Edson Elias Performing Prokofieff Sonata no 7, op. 83

Edson Elias Performing Chopin - Sonata op. 35