Celine Gaurier-Joubert - My Background:

Celine Gaurier Joubert teaching

Born in 1979, Celine Gaurier-Joubert started to play the piano at the age of 4. Her father, whom is an amateur violinist, tried to teach her the violin first, but he quickly realised that it was not the instrument she wished to play. She was far too fascinated by Chopin's first concerto, and could not fall asleep without this wonderful piece of music, performed by Martha Argerich.

Surrounded by musicians, Celine Gaurier-Joubert had immediately the opportunity to perform regularly within the private concerts that her parents held at their residence. They used to invite friends and colleagues, and spent wonderful music evenings, performing in a string quartet format. Celine used to open the concert, playing by herself, or with her dear father.

Thanks to this extraordinary opportunity, Celine developed her understanding of chamber music, and public performance at a very early stage.

While completing her brilliant studies in Paris, Celine had the immense privilege to meet Josette Samson Francois (the widow of one of the greatest pianist of the 20th century), and to spend several interesting evenings in her company. Josette would take Celine to the theatre des Champs-Elysees first, and then end the night at Salle Pleyel, as she actually found the first concert “boring like the rain”. Celine was only 14 years old at the time, and it was wonderful for her to be surrounded by the music stars, that her friends admired from a distance.

Josette Samson Francois, who knew everybody in Paris's music circle, had the wonderful idea, to introduce Celine to Edson Elias. This meeting had literally transformed Celine's piano playing. “He was an extraordinary man, who taught me everything. After spending hours, and hours trying to understand by myself, how to make the piano sing and how to produce the sounds I would hear in my head, Edson came into my life as a magician. Everything became so clear. He was actually not teaching much. He was simply singing, next to us, and it would immediately change the way we were understanding the pieces. I also learnt how to make one with the instrument, using Franz Liszt's piano technique. It was simply wonderful! He also had such a warm personality, that he considered his students as his own children, and created a brilliant atmosphere within his class. We were about 10 strong friends, playing for each other to prepare our exams, and international competitions. These years spent in his presence are unforgettable!”

At 19 years old, Celine Gaurier-Joubert felt the need to open her mind to new opportunities, and left Edson's class. She discussed her feelings with Josette Samson Francois, and was immediately introduced to Francois Weigel, with whom she continued to develop her piano playing. “Francois was different. Different from all the other pianists I met in Paris. He was so caring, and encouraging. I felt that I had a real friend, somebody with whom I could share everything. As a perfectionist, studying with him was simply perfect, as he truly helped me to let go, and he used to push me beyond my limits. I can still hear him shouting at me: “Play Celine, play! We will see the details later!”

After a few years spent in Switzerland, where Celine Gaurier-Joubert continued to develop her piano playing by herself, she came to London, where she now run the successful London Piano Institute, dedicated to adult amateur pianists. “I truly enjoy teaching, and helping adult learners to develop their piano playing. I appreciate all my students, and I am glad to be able to provide them with the education they deserve. At The London Piano Institute, the atmosphere is simply wonderful! I do organise music events on a quarterly basis, where all my students meet and socialise, and it is beautiful to see that they have great pleasure in seeing each other again, during these events.”

After a few years spent away from the stage, Celine Gaurier-Joubert is now preparing a few concerts, where she has decided to perform Debussy and Ravel. How interesting to know that interpreting these two composers, was Samson Francois's speciality!